dadadodo is a commmad line utilitiy for creating (pseudo) random sentences–and it was mentioned in the documentaiton for one of the datasets I wrote about in the last post.

The name is a nod to the nonsensical, and some times the dadadodo output feels truly postmodern. The program is built on a Markov model but can generate some pretty wild results, especially with a larger corpus.

That said, it’s easy to install and run from the command line.

On a Linux machine sudo apt-get install dadadodo followed by man dadadodo will run the install and then pull up the documentation.

As the man will tell you, the output can be configured by number of sentences with the -c option. So if you’re passing the program a txt file that has the complete works of William Blake and you want to create one sentence, then your code might look something like dadadodo -c 1 blake.txt