R package with tools to retrieve data, fit count regression and time series models, and prepare forecasts of influenza hospitalizations in the United States.


R package with tools to retrieve data, fit time series models, and prepare forecasts of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States.


Python package for probabilistic VCF genotype error simulation


R package with utilities for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) based kinship analysis testing and evaluation. The ‘skater’ package contains functions for importing, parsing, and analyzing pedigree data, performing relationship degree inference, benchmarking relationship degree classification, and summarizing identity by descent (IBD) segment data. Package functions and methods are described in Turner et al. (2021) ‘skater: An R package for SNP-based Kinship Analysis, Testing, and Evaluation’ doi:10.11012021.07.21.453083.


Docker image to calculate non-reference concordance of SNP genotype calls in VCF file


R package with a ollection of functions for data analysis with two-by-two contingency tables. The package provides tools to compute measures of effect (odds ratio, risk ratio, and risk difference), calculate impact numbers and attributable fractions, and perform hypothesis testing. Statistical analysis methods are oriented towards epidemiological investigation of relationships between exposures and outcomes.


R package for generating acronyms and initialisms from arbitrary text input.


R package home to miscellanea. Functions included are generic helpers for data manipulation, visualization, and analysis.


LOLAweb is a Shiny web server and interactive results viewer for enrichment of overlap between a query region set (a bed file) and a database of region sets. It provides an interactive result explorer to visualize the highest ranked enrichments from the database. You can access the web server at http://lolaweb.databio.org


R package with a collection of tools for representing epidemiological contact data, composed of case line lists and contacts between cases. Also contains procedures for data handling, interactive graphics, and statistics.