Mapping and Executing a List of Functions in R

example of how to call multiple functions on an object using purrr

tail AWS Instance Logs

use tail to interactively follow logs for AWS EC2 instance

Conditional Chunk Execution in R Markdown

example of using params to toggle eval chunk option with R Markdown

Expand and Complete with tidyr

demonstration of tidyr::expand() and tidyr::complete() with helpers


iteratively visualizing color scales

Modeling in Groups Using the dplyr group_modify Function

models with dplyr::group_modify()

threejs and covid-19

visualizing the pandemic in three dimensions


function to ‘zoom in’ with ggplot2


basic usage of patchwork package for arranging plots


read lists of files directly from github

Include Images in R Markdown PowerPoint

render an entire directory of image files in rmarkdown powerpoint output


example demonstrating the visNetwork R package

iqr4tab and prop4tab

helpers for summary statistics in R

bcftools Primer

some simple recipes for vcf data manipulation with bcftools

Custom Table Function in bash

convenience for viewing delimited text files

tmux Basics

a demonstration of some basic usage for tmux

rstudio::conf 2020

highlights from rstudio::conf 2020

Create a GIF with R

how to make animated GIF images using the magick R package

bash Aliases

a collection of useful bash aliases

Get Filename Without Extension

methods for accessing filenames without file extensions

ROC Curves in R

methods for plotting ROC curves

Looping Across Files

comparing bash and R for iterative file manipulation

Docker Image for tabulizer

a containerized workflow with R

Calculating Proportion with N

count and overall percentage in groups

Circular Barplots

barplots in barplots in barplots


explorations with tidyeval

Hosting a Single App with Shiny Server

shiny server for a single app

rstudio::conf 2019

highlights from rstudio::conf 2019

Data-Based Labels

incorporating ‘multifunctioning’ plot elements

dplyr filter() Benchmark

benchmarking dplyr filter versus base subsetting methods

Expand Dates Between

fill dates between a start and stop time with dplyr syntax

Fixed Width Formats in R

reading data stored in fixed width format into R using CDC natality data


exploring the botanical information and ecology network database (BIEN) with R

Transparent ggplot2 Plot Backgrounds

transparency in ggplot2 plots

Choropleth Maps With Leaflet

create a choropleth map with R and Leaflet

Multiple R Markdown Reports, Multiple Data Sets, Single File

how to create ‘templated’ r markdown reports

Chunking in R

how to split data into chunks for processing in R

How To Create Small Random Sample From Large CSV File


Installing R Packages From Source

using install.packages() to install package from source

LaTeX Symbols Inside Pandoc Table Column Headings Inside R Markdown Documents


Embedding Shiny Apps Inside R Markdown Documents

recap of how to make interactive r markdown documents


formatting a character vector as a list in R markdown

custom domain for this github pages site


interactive network visualiztion with D3 and R


Worked full or CI P of reasons. Was years.


programming cut-ups

Free Data


Calculating Geographic Distance With R

a brief discussion of two methods for computing map distance